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Pele Wellness Annex is Co-op of practitioners sharing a vision for elevated wellness. 

Each provider aligns with Pele's philosophy embracing trust, process, empowerment & autonomy.

Located conveniently near Pele Yoga at 210 South Ave Ext., near Vesper Restaurant.

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Peaceful | Healing | Intuitive

I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves, but sometimes we need help from spirit and each other to start. My vision is to see less dependence on medications and more trust in ourselves as a result.

I’m most passionate about healing and connecting to our purpose and truest selves.

Book a session for an individual reiki healing session with me!


$65 | 1 hour session

$165 | 3 session package


Curious | Lighthearted | Free

Yoga has been the greatest support for me as I’ve navigated the loss of five of my family members in the past two years. Yoga supported me in physically MOVING my way through grief. Movement for me became an expression of what I was feeling from the inside out. And at some point I noticed it wasn’t only this physical awareness and release – through the wisdom and practice of yoga I was also expanding and shifting my consciousness around my grief, reframing my relationship with death, fear and change, connecting deeper in my relationships with my loved ones (dead and alive), discovering why I was born on this planet at this time, and welcoming ALL of myself along for the ride with curiosity, compassion and a freaking sense of humor! I’m dedicated to supporting others on their trip. 

Join me for 1:1 grief support, conscious grief workshops, end-of-life inquiry workshops, monthly pay-by-donation Conscious Grief Circle.

For support and to learn more about my perspective, Listen to my podcast, Gravedancers: Life and Leadership After Loss



Upcoming Events at Pele Annex:

Thursday, January 9th - Pay by Donation, Grief Circle, $10

Saturday, Jan 11th, 1-3p - Conscious Grief Workshop

Sunday, Jan 12th, 1-3pm, Death Meditation

Thursday, Jan 16th, 6-7pm - Pay by Donation, Grief Circle, $10

Saturday, Jan 25th - 1-3pm, Death Meditation

Sunday, Jan 26th - 1-3pm, Conscious Grief Workshop

Register for all events with Alyssa @ https://www.gravedancers.net/offerings


Expansive | Loving | Authentic

I engage in the practices of Somatic Sex Education because it supports my embodied expansion into the fullest, most authentic and pleasurable experience of life!

I’m most passionate about supporting others to drop more deeply into their body’s wisdom for transformed and joyful relationships with self, other and the world.

Join me for a free monthly community class, group coaching and individual mentoring.  I also welcome opportunities to teach a workshop for your event or personal development community.


Monday, January 16th 6-8pm, What is Somatic Sex Education?

Register for all events with Amanda @ 



Performer | Producer | Teacher

Stand up comedy classes for all ages and levels!

January 8th-February 12th, 6 week course. Wednesdays 6-8pm

More details and registration at https://www.woodybattaglia.com/classes


Find us at 210 South Ave Apt #211

Located on South Ave Ext. Near Vesper Restaurant. Hit #211 and the bell sign on the call box and we'll buzz you up. It's easy!

Some gatherings will meet at Fuego Coffee and walk over together. Confirm with your individual workshop/host. 

We look forward to welcoming you.

Love, Pele