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Flow with Danielle - Rinse and Repeat - 30 Min

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Join Danielle for this 30 minute invigorating flow class with an emphasis on backbends for an aliveness reset. Great when you need to stir up and release some pent up energy!

Have a blanket handy nearby to pad your knees if they tend to be sensitive. Be mindful to backbend in a healthy way - think "up and back!" in every shape to distribute the curve along your whole spine.

Thanks for playing! This is a part of our service to you during the Covid-19 times, we are grateful to still be practicing with you and hope you're finding value in these classes.

If you're a member at Pele Yoga - thank you for staying connected! If you'd like to make a donation we appreciate your contributions.

Find us at paypal.me/peleyogarochester.

Stay safe, be well!

What's your top takeaway from this class? Share below!

Thanks for being a part of our community!

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