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Flow with Danielle: Challenge Yourself - 60 Min

Join Danielle for this full hour yoga practice to feel both challenged and recharged.

Yoga helps us learn the skills to:

- Ground, when we're feeling anxious

- Reinvigorate, when we're feeling sluggish

- Enjoy, when we otherwise might miss the moment!

Thanks to our Pele Yoga members who continue to stay connected and practice with us virtually! And to those of you practicing with us on a class by class basis - we are glad you're here too. If you have the resources and feel called to support our small business - we're accepting contributions via our paypal account.

Include your address and we'll send you a free gift while supplies last!

$10-$15 per class, or one time $30-$50-$100 contribution helps us weather this unexpected closure and help make plans for how we'll move forward and serve you.


Subscribe here & to our youtube channel for most up to date video postings and leave comments to share your top takeaways. We love hearing from you! Enjoy.

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